Gameplay Engineer

About the Employer


ZeniMax Online Studios is looking for a Gameplay Engineer for The Elder Scrolls Online to implement and maintain game systems across our client/server architecture. This position will impact several aspects of the game (game systems, combat systems, resource management) and will work closely with designers and artists in order to provide a great user experience.


• Design and architect new game systems
• Refine systems throughout the development cycle of the project
• Collaborate with designers, artists, and other engineers for feature development
• Optimize code to improve CPU utilization and reduce memory footprint


• 2+ years of software development experience
• Proficient in C++
• Solid architecture, system design, and analytical skills
• Strong communication skills
• Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code
• Strong debugging skills

Preferred Skills

• Previous experience in game development in the capacity of a Gameplay Engineer
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
• Experience with network game client/server architecture
• Experience with working in large legacy codebases