Certification Specialist

About the Employer


ZeniMax Online Studios is looking for a Certification Specialist to join the Elder Scrolls Online team to maintain tests that check the quality and certification functionality of the project. This position will participate in all phases of testing, from determining the exact procedures used for certification testing to catch violations during the implementation phase and communicating recommendations for improvement to the rest of the development team.


• 2+ years of certification experience across Xbox, PS4, and Stadia platforms
• Knowledge of console hardware and variations between them
• Experience with console documentation as it applies to test cases and requirements
• Familiarity with sandboxes, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network storefronts
• Knowledge of SDK /XDK and console-specific tools
• Exceptional oral and written communication skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Exceptionally detail oriented, a self-starter and problem solver


• Methodically verify each TRC/XR standard
• Advise production teams on TRC/XR standard use
• Assist with local and push builds directly to console hardware
• Assist in diagnosing errors and breakdowns in development pipeline and perform technical support as needed
• Manage crash reports and track new crash stacks and emergent issues package to package

Preferred Skills

• Proficiency with automation and advanced testing methods preferred
• Game testing experience on one or more AAA titles
• Passion for gaming / MMO titles