Technical Artist Internship

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Technical Artist Internship - Treyarch

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Job Description:

Job Title: Technical Art Intern

Reporting To: Lead Technical Artist

Department: Art

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Your Mission

We are looking for talented Interns to join our Technical Art team in creating high quality content and workflows for the artists at Treyarch. Inspiration may come from artist requests, collaborative discussion, competitive analysis, game design requirements, or engineering directives. The ideal candidate has interest, and some experience, in both engineering and art as well as a keen sense of seeing fixes where others find workarounds.

Note: If your strengths are on the technical side and you’re looking to make a shift from Engineering to a stronger involvement on the Art side (or vice versa), we want to hear from you!

What you'll be doing:
• Working with all art teams to understand and improve content creation processes and pipelines.

• Learning how Technical Art teams support a fully operational production art team.
• Monitoring game performance and memory usage, and learning best practices.

Player Profile

Minimum Requirements:

• Scripting and tools development in Python, C#, MEL, MAXScript, HLSL, or similar.

• Ability to use Maya, MAX, or an equivalent content creation package.

• An understanding of and interest in Physically Based Rendering.
• An honest understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Extra Points:
• The desire to learn how everyone does everything.
• The ability to translate your experiences into written word.
• A strong desire to expand your skillset.

About Treyarch

Founded in 1996, Treyarch is an award-winning videogame studio, driven to create awesome games for the world to enjoy. It is an approach that has helped make the studio behind the Black Ops series an industry-leading developer. Call of Duty®: Black Ops, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, Call of Duty®: Black Ops III and the studio’s most recent release, Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, have all gone on to break industry records. Additionally, Treyarch is the birthplace of fan favorite, Call of Duty’s Zombies.

Working at Treyarch means having the opportunity to work on some of the biggest videogames in the industry, all within a culture that values individual talent and the teams that bring games to life. We provide our teams with the cutting-edge development tools needed to make their most ambitious plans a reality, allowing for rapid iteration and the ability to create the kinds of memorable gameplay moments that are ultimately shared by millions of fans around the world. We also embrace challenges, knowing that together, we can overcome anything…and hopefully inspire a few new game developers along the way.

Treyarch is wholly owned by Activision. To learn more about our studio, please visit us at, on Facebook at, and @treyarch on Twitter.