Junior FX Artist

About the Employer

Your daily tasks:

Creation of visual special effects (e.g. explosions, flames, dust, sprays of water, effects of magic) based on particle systems; to be used in Techland’s video games.

  • creation of particle effects in Techland’s FX editor (learning the software),
  • creation of FX elements - drawing textures, script editing for materials and effects,
  • co-design of special effects (close cooperation with FX programmers),
  • active participation in the game graphics improvement process.

You meet our expectations if you:

  • have great creativity, artistic skills and commitment,
  • have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop,
  • are able to create sprite animations (3D Studio Max, Maya, Houdini),
  • have basic knowledge of issues related to particle effects,
  • are familiar with industry trends and standards in video games,
  • speak English fluently.

Nice to have:

  • experience in creating visual effects for video games,
  • basic knowledge of applications for liquid simulations (3D Studio Max z FumeFx, Maya z FumeFx, Realflow, Houdini),
  • experience in cooperation with programmers, to achieve the best visual effects, using given technology.