Virtual Production Supervisor

About the Employer
  • Develop and Research an approach for Virtual Production for Rebellion Film Studio to be able to make recommendations/requests ranging from basic body motion capture, VR/AR, LED Shooting and complex on-set capture/ visualization.
  • Supervise the on-set stage team and assist where needed
  • Advise on budgetary costs for shows based off the virtual production needs
  • Supervise green light tests and demonstrations to prove capabilities and assure the tests are relevant and in line with needs for the show/project.
  • Oversee the Virtual production team to provide training, mentoring and guidance where needed on running shoots and projects.
  • Supervise the handling, editing and delivery of any data shot internally or externally on shows/projects.
  • Evaluate stage technology and infrastructure and assure it is up to standards required by Rebellion Film
  • Supervise all preparation for virtual productions shoots, including but not limited to scene assembly, tech tests, asset preparation, setup.
  • Supervise in-house tests related to virtual production or the development of the stage


· 5 + years of experience with Motion Capture technology and VFX

· Experienced in real-time technology of game engine, and content creation

· Proven track record in leadership and mentorship of virtual production stage crews.

· Advanced knowledge of all motion capture & facial capture hardware techniques and onset pipeline

· Experience creating toolset and workflow technical and user documentation.

· A solid knowledge of creative previs. VFX, CG shot production and its iteration process.