Technical Producer

About the Employer

Rebellion are looking for a talented Technical Producer, who is eager to be a part of our core technology team. This team is responsible for Rebellion’s state-of-the-art in-house engine which we use for all our AAA game development. The main purpose of this role is to assist with the management of the team, to help get the best out of each individual programmer, and to facilitate communication with stakeholders on all the game teams who use the engine.

Areas of responsibility include maintaining the team’s task and bug database, helping with scheduling, organising meetings, promoting leadership and professional development within the team and helping team members manage their workloads effectively. The ideal candidate will also have experience of game development as they will be working with producers, gameplay programmers, game designers and artists from other game teams to help ensure that the engine is delivering what those teams need.


- Assisting our Head of Programming with team management

- Promoting leadership and professional development within the team

- Helping team members manage their workloads effectively

- Helping to schedule the delivery of new features

- Manage the team’s Jira database

- Assisting with cross-departmental communication

- General administration and organisation tasks.


- The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of game technology and strong enthusiasm and commitment to work with programmers on technology projects.

- Must have worked within a programming team previously.

- A positive attitude is essential, especially in the face of challenges and pressure.

- Experience of Agile.

- Ability to successfully communicate and deal with a range of different personalities on the programming team.

- Ability to identify and communicate potential problems, offer possible solutions.

- Attention to detail will be key to help carry out all the above responsibilities efficiently.

- Experience of Jira and Confluence would be preferred.