Front-end Developer

About the Employer

Novaquark is looking for a talented front-end developer to join our team in Paris or Montreal. Your main mission will be to develop the new main website of Dual Universe, but also the community part (blog-like). You need to master JavaScript (ES6/2015) and experience with a JS Framework. You will be calling many RESTful APIs, including our backend API (in C#).


  • Develop the website's front-part.
  • Provide input and contribute to deployment practices and service metrics.
  • Perform research on various technologies.
  • Provide status and feedback to management.


  • Mastery of JavaScript, ES6/2015 or Python
  • In-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Experience building apps using a JavaScript framework like React or VueJS
  • Ability to easily evolve user interface designs into JSX or equivalent
  • Experience in RESTful API consumption, caching and error handling
  • Comfortable with code reviews, git protocol and npm scripts
  • Knowledge of application profiling, optimisations and debugging