Lighting Artist

About the Employer

As part of the Avatar Project, you’ll play an instrumental role in bringing to life the beautiful and dangerous world of Pandora. This is a unique opportunity to keep growing your experience in games while working hand-in-hand with Disney’s creative minds and James Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment.

As a Lighting Artist at Massive, you'll get the chance to use your artistic eye to create visually stunning gameplay spaces. Utilizing the power of our in-house game engine – Snowdrop, you'll collaborate with fellow Artists, Tech Art, and Level Designers to create unique AAA game worlds.

This is a permanent position based in Malmö, Sweden and requires working onsite. We kindly ask you to apply with your CV and message to the hiring manager / cover letter in English. Applications will be reviewed whilst the job-ad is posted.


  • Helping to drive narrative storytelling through effective use of color, light, and mood. Using lighting to help convey emotional experiences.
  • Working with the Art Director and Lead Artists to keep the artistic style & mood consistent with our defined visual style for the game.
  • Proactively driving collaboration with other departments (like Tech Art) to balance aesthetic quality and performance requirements.
  • Identifying and helping to develop techniques and toolsets.
  • Maintaining quality, efficiency, and consistency across your work.


You as a person

You push what Lighting Art can mean to a game through creative initiatives. Your openness and flexibility complements this and enables you to provide insights from all parts of the development into your area of expertise, which makes you a valuable source of ideas and suggestions.

Besides the above we’re looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience:

  • A relevant portfolio of artwork (must include Lighting Art and ideally, examples with a fluid/organic nature – remembering Pandora, "It's kinda the Garden of Eden with teeth and claws" James Cameron)
  • Proven experience working in the games industry with at least one AAA title to your name
  • Deep understanding of lighting theory, and art/design fundamentals (including an understanding of composition and color theory)
  • Excellent knowledge of lighting pipelines and cutting-edge art techniques (e.g. baking lightmaps)

Good to know

As we aim to build a team that continuously pushes the boundaries of what’s possible within game development and because we love to learn and grow from the people around us, we might ask you to complete a practical test as a part of the recruitment process. We look forward to receiving your application and learning more about you. Meanwhile, please check-out at the videos posted below.