Associate Game Director - Action

About the Employer

Your responsibility

  • Design functionality according to our design direction and creative vision, e.g. game modes, session to session interactions, player role dynamics, skill/talent progression systems, character customization, and any other core game systems
  • Lead a multidisciplinary team through the full development cycle
  • Collaborate with transversal teams to integrate required features
  • Develop and iterate on prototypes and evaluate performance
  • Account for technical and production constraints
  • Identify and manage risk & uncertainty associated with action gameplay
  • Create and maintain design documentation to guide collaborating teams
  • Ensure the follow-up after launch in order to improve, add or sunset features
  • In collaboration with other mechanics supervisors, drives core action gameplay of the game universe through mid-term and long-term progression


Your experience

  • You have significant experience as a game designer on mechanics for action gameplay (skills, progression, game modes, etc.) on AAA action games
  • You’re a natural leader who understands many aspects of game development and able to unite a multidisciplinary team behind a creative vision
  • You know how to visualize behaviors and game situations on paper and best practices for prototyping iteratively
  • You’re curious while analytical, alert to new developments and trends and know how to best propose changes by adhering to consumer expectations
  • You’ve good understanding of how to communicate effectively and know when to question yourself
  • You are used to working in an international environment and to express yourself fluently in English.

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