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Art & Animation Internship

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Art and Animation Internship

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Activision is looking for talented and innovative students to join our team for the 2021 summer. We thrive on a culture of collaboration, respect, and fun. All Activision interns will receive a meaningful project and an unparalleled experience. We’ll provide the tools and resources you need to learn. The challenging and creative work you do throughout your internship will directly impact the game you are contributing on. Internships will be offered at our development studios across the country as well as Activision's corporate headquarters.

We are currently planning on having our internships in-person. With that said, the safety of our employees is a top priority and we are comfortable transitioning our internship to be 100% virtual if needed.

Your Mission

  • Work with artist and animators on one of Activision's award-winning franchises.

  • Help make new characters, environments, concepts, animations, UI, and/or armor.

  • Work closely with a mentor to improve technical skills, artistic sensibilities, and a strong work ethic.

  • Spend a summer in one of these locations: Southern California, Northern California, Wisconsin, or New York.

Player Profile

  • Must be a current student pursuing their bachelors, masters, or PhD and graduating December 2021 or later.

  • Available for a 12-week internship starting late May or late June.

  • Can demonstrate strong artistic sensibilities, robust technical skills, and strong work ethic.

  • Passionate about learning what it takes to be a successful artist in the video game industry.

  • Candidates must apply with a resume and portfolio link to be considered.

Internship Opportunities

Cinematic Animator: Provide a solid foundation and understanding of weight and timing to help bring characters to life in a games environment. Using 3D software you will be learning the pipeline, process’s and workflows around what it takes to bring a cinematic together from start to finish.

  • Demonstrate strong key-frame animation skills.

  • Proficient in a 3D software package like Maya or Max

  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Character Artist: Work closely with our Character Art Team to create memorable heroes, villains and creatures that inhabit our game’s worlds. You will get the opportunity to collaborate with concept artists, riggers, animators and designers to create high quality character assets to be rigged and animated for our games.

  • Skilled digital sculptor in Zbrush or equivalent

  • Proficient in a traditional modelling package like 3DS Max or Maya.

  • Experience with creating PBR materials.

  • Strong understanding of anatomy

  • Enthusiasm for participating in the critique process and ability to execute on feedback.

Concept Artist: Collaborate with our concept team to produce quality design work, idea thumbnails and sketches, model sheets, and production paintings.

  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.

  • Demonstrated a strong art and design foundation with your portfolio.

  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and other illustration software. 3d experience is a plus.

Environment Artist: Work closely with our team to help create compelling worlds that push the boundary of gameplay, art, and storytelling.

  • Skilled in a traditional modelling package like 3DS Max or Maya.

  • Experience with creating PBR materials.

  • Strong sense of composition and layout.

  • Enthusiasm for participating in the critique process and ability to execute on feedback.

Gameplay Animator: Bring our game to life! You will work with a mentor to create exceptional key-frame animations for characters, environments, and objects. You’ll have opportunities to work with amazing character artists, riggers, and designers to take your animation from Maya to game.

  • Proficient in Autodesk Maya…But a strong desire to learn beyond Maya.

  • Exceptional communications skills.

Lighting Artist: Work with our lighting team to gain a good foundation for lighting in games. Learn how to guide a player through a game world with light, while hitting the style and quality expected of our lighting artists.

  • Experience using lighting/rendering technologies (pre-rendered and/ or real-time)

  • Strong traditional art skills

  • Basic understanding of photography

  • Experience in Autodesk Maya/Max, and Adobe Photoshop

Tech Artist: provide rigging to our characters and/or create tools for other artists to create epic environments. Learn and contribute to writing and managing veracious tools, set up technically complex art assets, and implement various content pipelines.

  • Experience working with scripting languages

  • Knowledge of C++

  • Proficient in a traditional modelling package like 3DS Max or Maya

  • Strong technical problem-solving ability

UI Artist: Create polished in-game UI and graphic design elements that enhance player interactions and promote a rewarding player experience.

  • Demonstrates a strong knowledge of graphic design principles in their work.

  • Proficient with Adobe Create Suite.

  • Knowledgeable about video game UI / UX

  • Has the technical skill to quickly learn and understand new toolsets.

VFX Artist: Recreate natural phenomena such as fire, smoke, explosives, dust, water, and weather systems.

  • Good understanding of the principles of animation.

  • Ability to work in 3D particle editor/3D package.

  • Knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Experience with FumeFX, Houdini, Thinking Particles, Maya fluids, and rigid body dynamics are a plus.

Our World

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Activision operates at the intersection of technology, entertainment, esports, and consumer products. Activision is more than just the leading developer and publisher of video games, we are the creators of some of the world’s biggest, most ground-breaking titles in the industry. Our portfolio includes Call of Duty®, Crash Bandicoot™, Spyro™, Tony Hawk’s™: Pro Skater™, and Sekiro™.