Data Scientist

About the Employer


id Software is seeking a Data Scientist to join our development team. This role is an opportunity to contribute to a new initiative to substantially increase our teams’ ability to make data-driven decisions throughout the development and operation of our games.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative field (Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.) or equivalent work experience
  • Understanding of statistical techniques relevant to data analysis
  • Experience with effective use of query languages (SQL, KQL, etc.)
  • Experience with a programming or scripting language
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and multitasking skills


  • Design quantitative measures and analysis from development artifacts to understand and improve the development cycle on idTech games across multiple studios.
  • Analyze live and historic game data for insights
  • Design experiments to test hypotheses about player behavior and user experience
  • Transform questions about the player’s experience into the design of the right instrumentation to measure game mechanics and systems
  • Collaborate with DevOps to define requirements supporting data collection and storage
  • Work with the User Research group to deliver quantitative measurements from playtests
  • Create visualizations to share findings with team leadership, designers, and other stakeholders
  • Monitor game data over time to validate business measures and quantify the effects of marketing campaigns and updates to the game experience

Preferred Skills

  • Experience playing DOOM and other games
  • Game industry experience or familiarity with the software development lifecycle
  • Experience with creating compelling visualizations in data tools like Altair/Vega, D3, Jupyter Notebooks, Kibana, Grafana, Tableau, PowerBI, etc.
  • Experience with the costs and benefits of various data stores (MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, etc)
  • Familiarity with data lake and data warehouse storage patterns
  • Strong Python development skills and familiar with Python-based data science libraries.
  • Familiarity with other data analysis and reporting languages, software, and systems

In building this new initiative, we have the opportunity to build a successful team from applicants with different levels of experience and expertise.