Sandbox Prototype Software Designer

About the Employer

At Embark, we want to empower everyone to create games.

To realize this dream of ours, we explore and apply the latest technology, and we reimagine what games can become and how they should be built.

All of us at Embark take part in shaping our culture. We succeed together, we fail together, and we learn together.

If you’re passionate about games and our mission, bring your expertise, your enthusiasm, your crazy ideas, and let’s change the games industry forever.


You will join a small team building new creative experiences, creating and refining ideas, and then rapidly prototype and iterate. This creative sandbox will be in development for a while, so this will require a high degree of comfort with technical elements, and changing systems. You will be responsible to generate many types of “proof of concept” of small parts of larger ideas - paper prototypes, in-engine experiences, diagrams, comics, whatever is needed.

You will be doing a mix of content building and lightweight coding. Experience with modern programming languages (C#, Rust, Go, etc) will be helpful, as will skill with Unreal or Unity or other game creation tools. You enjoy building new things, learning from them, and then figuring out what steps to take next. You are comfortable on projects with a long term vision and lots of detail to figure out on the way.

Examples of responsibilities

  • Turn discussions of “i wonder if…” into prototype plans, help group land ideas
  • Rapidly build (and likely discard…) many prototypes of many styles
  • Work with UX team to add telemetry, run user tests, and iterate ideas
  • Explore and understand other creative tools, and learn from them

It would be awesome if you have some of these

  • A creative and curious mind!
  • Familiarity with coding practice, art pipelines, or sophisticated systems design
  • Have participated in game jams or other small focused creative development
  • Enjoyment of creative collaboration - you want to design and share with others
  • Advocacy for user creativity, desire to see what others do with the tools you build
  • Experience with Roblox, Dreams, Super Mario Maker, or other “creative” games
  • Fluency in English