Interactive Prototype Developer

About the Employer

You will join a small team building new creative experiences, creating and refining ideas, and then rapidly prototype and iterate. This creative sandbox will be in development for a while, so you need to be comfortable in a changing technical landscape where lots of work may get thrown out, and learning new systems and ideas happens regularly.

You will build many proof of concept prototypes - paper prototypes, in-engine experiences, diagrams - whatever is needed, and lift that work into the larger technical framework.

You will be coding in Rust, as well as doing content building, prototypes and exploration in existing game engines. Experience with modern programming languages (C#, Rust, Go, etc) will therefore be helpful, as will skill with Unreal or Unity or other game creation tools. You will work with a mix of gameplay and tool development.

Example of responsibilities

  • Turn discussions of “i wonder if…” into prototype plans, help your team to land ideas
  • Rapidly build (and likely discard…) many prototypes of many styles
  • Work with UX team to add telemetry, run user tests, and iterate ideas
  • Explore and understand other creative tools, and learn from them
  • Drive creative collaboration - prototype, share with others, iterate

We think you need

  • A creative and curious mind
  • Experience working within or towards R&D, or in similar context
  • Experience in Rust, C++ or other modern programming languages
  • Experience with 3D
  • Professional English communication skills

We would love if you have

  • Familiarity with art pipelines and sophisticated systems design
  • Participated in game jams or other small focused creative development
  • Worked with tool-sets for creating interactive experiences (Unreal, Unity, etc)
  • Worked with gameplay programming
  • Experience with Roblox, Dreams, Super Mario Maker, or other “creative” games