Automation Engineer

About the Employer

As an Automation Engineer, you will be part of the team that builds automation solutions for the entire user journey management; including performance marketing, customer support, monetization/retention optimization, lifecycle marketing, etc. The objective of the team is to maximize efficiency while reducing manual labor in creating a highly dynamic and profitable user journey. You will work closely with all parts of the commercial team, the game teams and the data teams. You will initially report to the Chief Commercial Officer.

Example of responsibilities

  • Build automated tools and solutions for:
    • Ad buying
    • Customer support (like chatbots)
    • Email marketing
    • Dynamic store management
    • Churn modeling
    • Reporting and A/B-testing
  • Align and work closely with multiple teams in the organization to drive desired outcome
  • Be part of the strategic team identifying solutions to existing business problems within this area

    We would love if you have

    • Documented coding experience
    • A basic understanding of machine learning uses and limitations
    • Deep knowledge of game and marketing KPIs
    • Basic knowledge of performance marketing operation interfaces, APIs and tools
    • An analytical approach to problem solving
    • A no nonsense, let’s get it done attitude
    • Ability and willingness to cooperate well with people with different skills and from different backgrounds
    • A passion for playing games