UX/UI Director

About the Employer
Hello, are you a unicorn? We'd like one. Someone who can talk to designers, write a spec, make a perfect wireframe, clothe it in a gorgeous UI, then roll up their sleeves and implement it in game. Please do it on time, run user tests, gather notes, make it better. And in doing so, push our standards for game UX higher. Also! You can lead a design team, elevate & improve their work, you track current trends in interface development, and you're humble enough to accept feedback from anywhere - the newbiest players, as well as the CEO. That's one heck of a unicorn.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Guide and grow a team of UX/UI designers
  • Create amazing, intuitive interfaces for our games!
  • Work closely with design and engineering to establish UI development pipelines and feature requirements
  • Share your techniques and mentor folks
  • Provide direction for external artists/teams
  • Critique your own and others' work constructively, and raise our internal artistic bar


  • 1+ shipped mobile title as UX Lead
  • 5+ years experience working on Game UX and UI
  • Leadership history on prior projects
  • Excellent personal, written and oral communication skills
  • Broad understanding of the many requirements and steps involved in delivering high quality interface art
  • Skilled with industry tools: Illustrator, XD, Figma, Photoshop, Sketch
  • Experience working in game engines: Unreal, Unity, or equivalent
  • Strong sense of graphic design, font, color
  • Portfolio or demo reel that demonstrates breadth of skill, styles, genres
  • 3+ years game industry employment
  • Must be eligible to work in United States

Preference to Applicants with:

  • Traditional illustration/fine arts training
  • Experience in mobile, console, and pc interface development
  • 2+ shipped titles
  • BFA (or higher)
  • Love for games, and who play them regularly
  • Outside interests!