Online Programmer (f/m/d)

About the Employer


The Online Programmer is responsible for developing in-game and custom online services. These will interact with or complement Ubisoft’s existing online infrastructure.

  • Manage the interchange of data between players and the server/services/game
  • Provide access to the online architecture to presentational programmers
  • Assist in the development of innovative solutions to enrich the online gaming experience of players
  • Program and optimize systems, such as storefront data and player progression systems
  • Work with precision and care on our live systems and frameworks
  • Work on identifying and improving existing systems and identify new opportunities
  • Integrate Ubisoft’s global services into our game by using an internal SDK to implement the features requested by the game design team for the game
  • Those features will range from player inventory to matchmaking to leaderboards to various other topics
  • An analysis phase is required to ensure that features provided by those services match the design as requested by game design team. If not, you may need to develop a custom service to match those needs
  • Developing custom services means designing an online service based on a design from game design team. This includes defining the REST api, the storage system, implement the web service in C# and deploying it in Kubernetes, and to implement the according API calls in the game


  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or any other relevant qualification with a strong technical background
  • Strong C++ skills
  • Excellent communication and good English skills


  • Deep understanding of game production
  • AWS & Docker experience
  • Strong Python proficiency is a plus
  • Expertise in online test framework and architecture
  • Proven leadership and coaching skills is a plus