Network Programmer (f/m/d)

About the Employer


During the game’s development, you commit yourself to answering the most fundamental questions: Will the game be as responsive as possible in multiplayer matches? Does the latency meet a pro-gamer’s expectations? Is the experience as seamless as it can be?

  • As a dependable member of a cohesive online team, you will participate in the design, coding, testing, integration and debugging of the game’s networking and multiplayer engine features
  • Develop fast, reliable and most importantly, fun multiplayer features in collaboration with gameplay and design teams
  • Understand existing functions, suggest and develop improvements with the goal of bringing the best multiplayer experience to our players
  • Collaborate daily with a variety of production and support teams
  • Resolve network bugs
  • Deal with communication between the game client and our dedicated game server. Add features in the clients to be able to send specific information to the server or to other clients.
  • Add features to our dedicated game server to be able to handle new use cases: cheat detection, handling of game commands received by clients, integrate S2S communication with other of our global services, etc.
  • Integrate our internal SDK providing abstraction over the cloud provider used to deploy the game server
  • Integrate and maintain latest versions of our internal network SDK
  • Switch some network messages from reliable to unreliable, and handle information redundancy


  • An undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering;
  • 5+ years of experience in developing and optimizing network code in C++ and Python;
  • Experience with multiplayer engines, distributed systems, network optimization, and multi-threading;
  • Experience developing network features on Microsoft and Sony consoles is an asset;
  • Experience as part of a team that has shipped a multiplayer game is an asset;
  • Experience with C# is an asset;
  • Proficiency to communicate with all disciplines and to support and elevate the team in terms of quality and vision of the game;
  • You are creative and thirsty for innovation