Lighting Artist - [Splinter Cell VR] (f/m/d)

About the Employer


Lighting artist is responsible for the creation of the lighting for specific scenes in the project. They will work with concept and art direction, environment and level design to ensure the game elements are visually cohesive and support the games design, art direction and the technical constraints of the game.

Primary Objectives:

Make a beautifully lit game including all of the games elements – environment art, characters and other in game assets.

Specific Tasks:

  • ​Deliver efficient updates to the games lighting in accordance with the games aesthetic.

  • Implement and incorporate feedback from Art Director and Leads into work.

  • Understand best practices, production pipelines and workflows.

  • Work closely with the Art Director to achieve the desired lighting and mood required for the game.

  • Produces mood boards to assist in the art direction pertinent specifically to lighting

  • Looks for and provides reference from all resource platforms to establish and reinforce relevant lighting decision making

  • Continually looks for ways to push the limits of the lighting pipeline for better results.


  • First and foremost an you are an artist who can take direction towards, and fully understand what looks good and why.
  • Experience in lighting games and or film
  • Experience working within a photo realistic environment.
  • Exposure to industry game engines and production pipelines;
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Knowledge of lighting, atmospheric effects and subsequent tools.
  • Knowledge of Physically Based Rendering and Linear workflows;
  • Knowledge of colour grading and other post process effects;
  • Familiarity with data management software (such as Perforce);
  • Knowledge of workload management software/principles (e.g. Jira);
  • Knowledge of the video game industry and awareness of typical video game development processes.
  • Great communication skills and a positive attitude
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and written
  • Bring your enthusiasm about your craft to the team.