Graphics Programmer (f/m/d)

About the Employer


Want to develop a cutting edge game engine that impacts millions of players around the world?

Then come join our PES Team (Procedural Environment Systems) and develop graphics functionalities within the game engine with the goal of creating the best visuals possible!

  • Develop procedural generation modules for our game engine
  • Further development of our existing Snowdrop 3D-Engine in context of a AAA game
  • Improve the terrain and landscape rendering module
  • Enhance global illumination rendering and do general performance analysis and optimization on the graphics level
  • Collaborate with Programmers, Designers and other game teams


  • Strong skills in C++
  • Very good knowledge of advanced mathematics
  • Good debugging and problem solving skills
  • Good communication and English skills
  • Knowledge of graphics programming
  • Knowledge of pixel- and compute-shader programming
  • Ability & desire to work as a team player
  • Self-direction and motivation
  • Strong ability for analyzing and extending existing code
  • Ability to collaborate with artists on graphics techniques
  • Knowledgeable in a variety of special FX techniques and the latest rendering algorithms
  • Excellent communication and good English skills
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or any other relevant experience