Graphics Programmer [Skull & Bones and Unannounced Project]

About the Employer


As Intermediate/Senior Graphics Programmer, your mission will be to develop and maintain graphics techniques within the engine to create the best visuals possible.

Further responsibilities include:

  • Develop, extend and manage the rendering technology for the game
  • Optimize existing rendering technology
  • Collaborate with other Ubisoft studios to extend the capabilities of our inhouse rendering technology
  • Develop rendering systems that enhance the visual quality, are scalable and fit into defined budgets
  • Establish and maintain workflows that allows the content teams to use the developed systems


  • Multiple years of professional experience as graphics programmer
  • Knowledge of a broad range of rendering algorithms, special effects and related technology
  • Knowledge of graphics APIs (D3D11/OpenGL) and shading languages (HLSL/GLSL)
  • Ability to use graphics profiling and debugging tools (RenderDoc/nSight/console tools)
  • Strong skills in C/C++
  • Strong ability for analyzing and extending existing codebase
  • Very good debugging and problem solving skills
  • Ability to collaborate with the content teams to reach the highest possible visual quality
  • Being a team player by heart
  • Self-direction and motivation
  • Excellent communication and good English skills

Nice to have:

  • Console experience
  • Worked on your own 3D engine
  • Knowledge of low-level graphics APIs(D3D12/Vulkan)
  • Interest in recent development in graphics (Async compute, RTX, …)