Gameplay Programmer - [The Settlers] (f/m/d)

About the Employer


The Gameplay Programming professionals at Ubisoft are the masters of interactions. They maximize the playability, fun and comfort for the players. Their role is to drive, challenge and turn creative ideas into high quality gameplay features in order to deliver believable, memorable and original gaming experiences. AI programmers, in particular, focus on AI algorithms and related data structures

Primary Objectives

  • Understand and challenge the design intentions of the game to turn them into gameplay features that will maximize the playability and believability for the players
  • Create solutions to facilitate the integration and adaptation of gameplay AI elements - be it strategic, tactical or operational - into the game.

Specific Tasks

  • Challenges and works with designers on the definition and development of gameplay features to maximize the playability of the game
  • Assists the design team by creating prototypes to validate AI features
  • Provides team members with tools and systems to modify and improve their features in an iterative way
  • Work on core gameplay systems like combat, economy, missions


  • Good knowledge of and years of practical experience with at least one programming language (preferably C# and C++)
  • Solid understanding of state of the art gameplay AI techniques and data structures
  • Experience in working with existing game engines
  • Ability to work with large, existing code bases
  • Understand and apply strong prototyping techniques
  • Proactive behavior and being a team player
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good English language skills
  • At least 2 years of industry experience, a shipped title is a plus
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or any other relevant discipline is a plus