Animation Programmer - [Assassin’s Creed VR] (f/m/d)

About the Employer


The Animation Programmer will be responsible for the technical side of character animations within the project and will serve as a liaison between Character Animation Artists and Gameplay Programmers.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Expand and maintain the animation layer between NPC behaviors and Unity's Mecanim system.
  • Maintain the visual character prefabs.
  • Create and update procedural animations and IK systems on NPCs.
  • Implement real-time facial phoneme animation system for spoken audio lines.
  • Support character ragdoll code and the animation side for grabbing, pushing, pulling.
  • Design, implement, and iterate on new and existing systems and tools.
  • Assist with performance optimization of animation systems, including levels of detail.

Internal Relationships

  • Act as a technical contact between animation artists and feature team programmers.
  • Collaborate with technical artists as needed.​


  • 3+ years of professional programming experience with an emphasis on character animation (at least 1 published title preferred)
  • Master's or Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Software Engineering
  • Experience in Unity and Unity's Mecanim system
  • Strong 3D math and computer graphics skills
  • Experience in IK/FK systems
  • Debugging and problem-solving skills
  • Good understanding of modern animation techniques