Staff Data Scientist - Activision Blizzard Media

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Staff Data Scientist - Activision Blizzard Media

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Activision Blizzard Media is the gateway for brands to the #1 cross-platform gaming company in the western world, with hundreds of millions of players across over 190 countries. Our legendary portfolio includes iconic mobile game franchises such as Candy Crush™, esports opportunities like the Call of Duty® and Overwatch® Leagues, and some of the top PC and console gaming franchises such as World of Warcraft®, Call of Duty®, and StarCraft®. The idea is simple: great game experiences offer great marketing experiences.

Your role within the Kingdom* Work as the lead data strategist to help identify compelling patterns and advise the solutions. * Mine and analyze data to improve product capabilities and help the team to come up with new products. * Identify new data sources and features and collects large data sets to build new models. * Aggregate huge amounts of data and information from large numbers of sources to discover patterns and features necessary to build machine learning models for prediction and forecasting. * Design and implement end-to-end solutions using Machine Learning, Optimization, and other advanced computer science technologies, and own live deployments to drive advertising conversion. * Improve the run-time of existing algorithms. * Develop and maintain the necessary infrastructure to run and maintain the algorithms.Develop a feedback system to improve the selection of features for the algorithms.

Skills to create thrills:* PhD or MS in computer science, engineering or related field. * Experience in finding patterns, trends and actionable insights from huge data sets. * 10 years of experience as machine learning engineer / data scientist. * You have expertise in one or more object-oriented languages, including Python, Go, Java, or C++, and an eagerness to learn more * Experience with both machine learning and building scalable production services. * Experience with distributed storage and database systems, including SQL or NoSQL, MySQL, or Cassandra. * Experience using machine learning libraries or platforms, including Tensorflow, Caffe, Theanos, Scikit-Learn,or ML Lib for production or commercial products. * A strong desire to learn the details of advanced machine learning algorithms. * Ability to communicate effectively between Product managers, business teams, data analysts and production engineers, both in code and conversation. * Ability to solve complex business problems and apply machine learning to optimize critical business metrics. * Strong adherence to metrics driven development, with a disciplined and analytical approach to product development.* Experience in stream processing—Storm, Spark, Flink etc.— and graph processing technologies. * Experience working with AWS or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). * Experience of working with advertising platform.