Software Engineer, Audio

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World of Warcraft

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Software Engineer, Audio

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The World of Warcraft (WoW) team is looking for a talented engineer who has experience in audio programming and common audio tools. The successful candidate will work closely with our audio department and tools team to build and refine audio workflows, technology, and features, and will champion audio technology in WoW.

The WoW team is built on a culture of collaboration, intense creativity, and problem-solving. As a group, we are committed to pushing our exploration of Azeroth to the fullest, and in doing so creating a gaming experience like no other. As an engineer, the work you do will live at the very heart of this philosophy. We’re looking for an engineer with qualities above and beyond engineering. We want a person who enjoys working in a group setting; who speaks audio, designer, and geek with equal fluency; and whose experience in creative environments has reinforced the value of communications, empathy, and collaboration.


  • Working closely with the audio team serving as the primary audio engineer of the team
  • Maintain and improve custom audio tool features, usability, performance, and stability
  • Identify and resolve audio pipeline issues and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Maintain collaborative connections with users and QA
  • Participate in and contribute to a culture of inclusion and diversity


  • Passion for audio tools development and user experience
  • 3+ years of game audio programming experience on at least one shipped title
  • Strong knowledge of C++
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of audio signal processing - mixing, sample rates, data compression, filters, reverbs, 3D positional audio, etc.

Pluses :

  • Experience with off-the-shelf sound engines such as FMOD or Wwise
  • Music and/or Sound design experience - composing/arranging, sound design, synthesis, sampling, MIDI sequencing, audio engineering/mixing, digital audio workstations, etc.
  • Familiarity with synchronizing sound to video and animations
  • Strong math skills (linear algebra, trig, etc.)
  • Active World of Warcraft player


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