Quality Assurance Technician

About the Employer


You are a curiosity driven, detailed, and customer focused person who has experience identifying and effectively communicating issues. As a member of a Quality Assurance team you will become an expert in one or more of the game’s features and assure it meets our high quality standards. You will be expected to create reports, effectively use test tools, and work with player data to uncover new issues and more. The role of QA changes often over the course of game development, so you will need to be flexible to adapt. You will be the voice of the customer, you must be able to prioritize and categorize quality issues based on what will have the most impact on the customer experience.

Amazon is all in on games. We believe games will become the number one form of entertainment on Earth and be defined by their ability to deeply engage communities of fans inside and outside of the playing experience. We believe the evolution that began with arcade communities a quarter at a time and grew to the live streams and eSports of today, will continue to a future in which fans are creators, players are celebrities, and games are a global cultural touchstone that cuts across age, gender and nationality. Games have the power to connect communities at a massive scale. This role will empower game studios to confidently and continually release high-quality products that delight customers worldwide.


· 2-4 year college degree, or technical certification, or equivalent job experience
· Demonstrate aptitude for discovering and describing issues


· Experience with a scripting or query language such as SQL or Python
· ISTQB certification