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About ZeniMax Online Studios

Founded in 2007, ZENIMAX ONLINE STUDIOS was established to take the legendary Elder Scrolls franchise online. Since then, we’ve attracted and developed internally some of the most talented individuals in the industry, and we work to foster a collaborative, encouraging, and open working environment while developing our current and future projects.

36 Open Positions


Senior Product Manager


Associate Producer

Senior VFX Artist

Gameplay Engineer

Build Engineer

Character Artist

Test Engineer

Senior Level Designer (Narrative)

Senior Encounter Designer

Senior Animation Engineer

Senior Services Engineer

Encounter Designer (Live Events)

Systems Designer (Live Events)

Content Designer (Live Events)

Senior Content Designer

UI Engineer

Senior Audio Engineer

Senior Systems Designer

Gameplay Engineer

Senior AI Engineer

Animation Engineer

Senior Server Engineer

Senior UI Engineer

Lead Gameplay Engineer

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Senior Technical Animator

Lead Gameplay Camera Designer

Senior Tools Engineer

Senior Art Pipeline Engineer

Tools Engineer

Senior Technical Artist (Character Systems)

Lead Server Engineer

Senior Technical Artist (Animation)

Server Engineer