About Wargaming

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher. One of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market, the company delivers authentic gaming experiences and services across PC, console and mobile platforms.

Over the past 20 years we have brought games to every major platform and collaborated with industry giants. We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate developers, creatives, artists, marketers, tech geeks and engineers from around the globe.

Our titles rest upon the concept of fair and balanced free-to-play, meaning every player can enjoy their title to the fullest.

154 Open Positions

Level Artist/Environment Artist

Game Designer

Live Operations Data Analyst

С++ Game Developer (New Product)

С++ Game Developer (Unreal Engine)

Release Manager (New Product)

Senior/Lead UI Artist ‎(New Product)

Tools Software Engineer (New Product)

Localization Specialist, Simplified Chinese

Release Manager (World of Tanks)

Level Designer (New Mobile Game)

Middle/Senior QA Engineer (World of Tanks PC)

Release Manager (World of Tanks Blitz)

HR Business Partner

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Senior Graphics Software Engineer

Level Designer (New Mobile Game)

Senior Graphics Software Engineer

Senior Graphics Software Engineer

DevOps Engineer (new mobile product)

Level Designer

Finance Assistant

Lead Software Engineer, TL – C++, Game Tech Development (Graphics/Rendering)

Account Manager

Junior/Mid IT System Administrator / Desktop support - Windows/Mac

Senior Software Engineer (R&D / Data Science / Machine Learning)

Environment Artist, World of Tanks

Technical Game Designer

Level Designer ‎(New Product)

EN editor

QA Engineer (World of Tanks, Web)

Data Scientist

DE Translator/Localization Specialist

Paid Social manager

Paid Media Manager

Senior 3D Artist

Senior 3D Environment Artist (New Product)

Technical Artist (World of Tanks)

Process Coordinator

Indirect Tax Supervisor

Build Engineer

Senior HR Generalist

Senior Sourcing Specialist

Concept Artist

Jnr/Mid Project Manager

Service Desk Specialist

Head of Global Employer Branding

Visual Effects Artist, World of Tanks

Python Developer (Platform)

Software Engineer

Senior Systems Administrator

Lead AI Programmer

Audio Programmer

2D Artist\Graphic Designer

Marketing Director

Game Designer

Junior User Acquisition Manager

3D Technical Animator

User Acquisition Marketing Manager

Principal QA Analyst

Senior/Lead UI Artist ‎(New Product)

Senior Data Analyst

3D Animator

UI Artist

General Manager

2D Artist

Full Stack Developer

Localization Specialist/Game translator, Korean

Regional Product Manager, Japan, WOWS

Help Desk Specialist

Travel & Logistics Specialist

Senior Operations Manager

Live Operations Manager

Live Operations Producer

Senior Marketing Artist

Level Designer ‎(New Product)

Senior UX Designer

Front-end Developer

2D Artist\Graphic Designer

Big Data Engineer

UX/UI Designer (World of Tanks)

UX/UI Designer (The Interactive Agency)

QA Engineer

HR Director

Game Logic Developer

Team Lead, Software Engineer – Machine Learning

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Senior UI Programmer

Senior/Lead Game Designer (WG Nexus)

Senior Level Designer

Game Logic Developer (World of Tanks)

QA Engineer

Front-End Developer

QA Engineer

Mid/Senior C++ Software engineer (Game Technology, Unreal Engine)

Senior Software Engineer (Game Development/Networking)

Data Scientist

Software Engineer, Web Applications

UE4 Gameplay Developer

Unity Developer

Game Client Developer (C++, World of Tanks Blitz)

Game Quality Assurance Tester, Traditional Chinese

Senior Systems Administrator

Senior 3D Environment Artist (New Product)

Service Desk System Administrator

Regional Marketing Director

Lead Project Manager (Creative Agency)

Senior Producer/Product Director

UI/UX Artist

Server Developer (World of Tanks)

2D Concept Artist (New Mobile Product)

Senior Accountant (ファイナンスマネージャー)

3D Character Artist (New Mobile Product)

System Administrator (Database Administrator)

Automation Lead

Graphic Design Team Lead

Core Tech Engineer

Tools Engineer

Game Designer (World of Tanks Blitz)


Core Tech Engineer

Tools Developer

Technical Designer

QA Performance Engineer

Mid/Senior Software Engineer (C++)

Game Designer

Regional Product Manager, WoWS

Junior Gameplay Engineer

Lead\Senior UX/UI Designer ‎(new products)

Community Manager (Spanish) – World of Warships

Senior Environment Artist

Senior Game Designer

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Senior Tools Programmer

Shipbuilding Specialist (3D Content Testing)

QA Engineer

3D Graphics Software Engineer

Front-End Developer

Tech Artist

Software Tool Engineer (C++)

3D Modeler/Texture Specialist

Game Logic Developer

Programmer (Unity, Client Core)

Senior C++ Software Developer

Lead Game Designer

Deployment Engineer

Senior Game Designer

Lead Game Logic Programmer

Senior Technical Animator

Client Core Team Lead

UI Artist

UI Developer

Lead Game Designer