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About Ubisoft Reflections

Based in Newcastle, Ubisoft Reflections is a leading, multi-cultural people-first studio with a 30 year heritage and is part of Ubisoft the 3rd largest video-game publisher in the world. We are an industry leader in creating worlds for AAA IP, vehicles & driving technology, as well as creators of award winning indie-inspired games.

37 Open Positions

Junior Graphic Artist

Narrative Designer [Unannounced Project]

Lead Gameplay Programmer [Assassins Creed VR]

Business Operations Manager [Unannounced Project]

Senior Game Designer [Unannounced Project]

Game Designer [Unannounced Project]

French Player Support Agent - Bilingual (French + English)

Vendor Project Manager

Environment Artist [Assassins Creed VR]

Gameplay Programmer [Unannounced Project]

Senior Dev QC [Unannounced Project]

Senior Associate Producer [Unannounced Project]

Lead Online Programmer [Unannounced Project]

Audio Director [Unannounced Project]

Online Technical Director [Unannounced Project]

Online Programmer [Unannounced Project]

Lead Environment Artist [Splinter Cell VR]

Associate Producer [Splinter Cell VR]

Lead Gameplay Programmer [Splinter Cell VR]

Lead VFX & Lighting Artist [Unannounced Project]

Senior UI Artist [Splinter Cell VR]

Technical Artist [Splinter Cell VR]

Producer [Unannounced Project]

Lead Game Designer [Splinter Cell VR]

Player Support Team Lead - Bilingual Role (English + EU language)

Environment Artist [Unannounced Project]

Senior Environment Artist [Unannounced Project]

Associate Producer [Unannounced Project]

Game Economy Designer [Unannounced Project]

Lead Game Designer [Unannounced Project]

Senior Art Technician [Unannounced Project]

Community Content Producer M/F

Arabic & French Player Support Agent - Trilingual (Arabic + French + English)

Lead Engine Programmer [Unannounced Project] (371)

Senior Technical Artist [Unannounced Project] (256)

Technical Artist [Unannounced Project]

Senior Technical Artist [Unannounced Project]