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Ubisoft Leamington

About Ubisoft Leamington

Ubisoft Leamington was founded in January 2017 and is headed up by Richard Blenkinsop who is also managing director of Ubisoft’s other UK AAA development studio, Ubisoft Reflections, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. A growing team of more than 50, the studio has a solid and experienced management team supported by a mix of veteran developers and promising young talent. With significant plans for growth, the studio is recruiting heavily across a variety of job roles. Based in Royal Leamington Spa, Ubisoft Leamington is at the heart of ‘Silicon Spa’ a thriving destination for UK game developers and the third biggest gaming hub in the UK.

41 Open Positions

Build Engineer [Unannounced Project] (405)

Build Engineer [DevOps] (426)

Senior UX Designer [Unannounced Project] (425)

Lead UX Designer [Unannounced Project] (425)

Graduate Concept Artist [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (421)

Graduate Character Artist [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (418)

Graduate Programmer [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (417)

Graduate Game Designer [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (423)

Graduate Level Designer [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (416)

Graduate Environment Artist [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (415)

Graduate UI Artist [YOUR CAREER STARTS HERE] (420)

Technical Artist [Unannounced Project] (256)

Senior Environment Artist [Unannounced Project] (381)

Lead VFX & Lighting Artist [Unannnounced Project] (364)

Marketing Art Lead [Unannounced Project] (391)

Senior Associate Producer [Unannounced Project] (363)

Senior VFX Artist [Unannounced Project] (400)

Lead Game Designer [Unannounced Project] (346)

Senior Web Developer [Unannounced Project] (404)

Gameplay Programmer [Unannounced Project] (386)

Senior Technical Artist [Unannounced Project] (256)

Environment Artist [Unannounced Project] (381)

Senior Game Designer [Unannounced Project] (390)

Monetisation Designer [Unannounced Project] (407)

Lead QA [Unannounced Project] (408)

Audio Director [Unannounced Project] (365)

Senior Engine Programmer [Unannounced Project] (371)

Animation Programmer [Unannounced Project] (413)

Lead Online Programmer [Unannounced Project] (367)

Online Technical Director [Unannounced Project] (274)

Producer [Unannounced Project] (382)

Associate Producer [Unannounced Project] (348)

Senior Dev QC [Unannounced Project] (409)

Game Designer [Unannounced Project] (390)

Lead Animator [Unannounced Project] (395)

Senior Art Director [Unannounced Project] (414)

Web Developer [Unannounced Project] (404)

Senior Graphics Programmer [Unannounced Project]

Junior Art Technician [Unannounced Project]

Art Technician [Unannounced Project]

Presentation Director [Unannounced Project]