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About Santa Monica Studio

Our studio is composed of a group of diverse, ambitious, highly collaborative creatives who empower one another, while working as a team to deliver high quality narrative-driven PlayStation experiences. With origins spanning the globe - from Brazil to Poland to small town USA, we are home to over 250 world class developers who strive to push the medium forward with every creative decision.

Every team has a story and, at the heart of our story, we are committed to greatness and steadfast in our craft of developing unforgettable in-game experiences that inspire our players. Beyond that, though, we are driven by something much larger…by a desire to develop “stories” of greatness for each and every team member. Making a game is a massive undertaking. Between QA, Art, Design, Programming, Production, Sound and every department in between, we are all responsible for connecting with each other's greatest skills, while working towards a common vision.

32 Open Positions

Community Manager

Gameplay Camera Designer (Contract)

Technical Designer (Contract)

Associate Technical Designer (Contract)

Level Designer

Locomotion Designer

Senior Environment Artist

Technical Director

Financial Analyst

Lead Gameplay Programmer

Environment Artist (Contract)

QA Lead

Lead Rendering Programmer

Japanese Translator/ Business Administrator

Narrative Animator (Contract)

Senior Level Designer

QA Senior Test Analyst (Contract)

Associate Producer (Contract)

Associate IT Support Specialist (Contract)

QA JIRA Administrator (Contract)

Senior Technical Artist

Lead User-Facing Tools Programmer

Senior Engine/Pipeline Programmer

QA Test Analyst (Contract)

Senior Rendering Programmer

Gameplay Animator (Contract)

Senior Audio Programmer

Senior Character Technical Artist

Senior Combat Designer

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Technical Art Lead

Senior Narrative Animator