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Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill with the intent to change the way video games are made and supported for players. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to worldwide acclaim. The game has since gone on to become the most played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports. Players are the foundation of our community and it’s for them we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience. Riot Games is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has 23 offices worldwide.

195 Open Positions

QA Engineer II, Store - VALORANT

Technical Artist III - Legends of Runeterra

Manager, Sound Design

Game Producer II - League, PIE Events

Revenue Strategist, Premium Content - VALORANT

Marketing Communication II

Public Relations Strategist (Corporate Communications)

Technical Artist III (Tools & Pipeline) - League, CEFF

Community & Channel Specialist - Malaysia (Part Time Contractor), SEA

Social Media Strategist III - Worldwide Publishing

Information Systems Engineer III - Technology- Client Platform Engineering

Senior Insights Analyst, Riot Game Operations

Senior Customer Success Manager - Riot GO Solutions

Staff Data Engineer - Riot Data Products, Aggregations

Senior Data Engineer - Riot Data Products, Aggregations

Payments Analyst - Revenue Protection

Senior Software Engineer - Riot Data Products, Aggregations

Technical Writer II - Riot Game Operations

Senior Outsourcing Program Manager - Riot Game Operations

Narrative Writer III - League, Champions

QA Manager - Meta Game Systems

Senior Software Engineer - Riot GO Solutions

Snr Manager, Technical Animation, League of Legends

Game Producer II - League, Summoner's Rift

Game Producer - Wild Rift, In-Game Events

Software Engineer - Live Services, Wolf Engineering

Producer III - Riot Forge (Contract)

Sound Design Lead - VALORANT

Corporate Development Business Analyst (Contractor)

Staff Software Engineer, Gameplay - Unpublished R&D Office

Senior Application Security Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer - Developer Connections

Senior Product and Platform Security Engineer

Senior Construction Manager

Staff Application Security Engineer

Senior Security Operations Engineer

Game Producer II - Riot Forge

User Experience Designer (Contractor)

Game Designer III, Mechanics and Systems - Unpublished R&D Product

Director, Quality Assurance - QA Operations

Staff Software Engineer - Player Platform, Central Player Dynamics

Software Engineer - Player Platform, Content Access Hub

Software Engineer III, Data - Legends of Runeterra

Staff Software Engineer - Player Platform, Flight

Recruiter - Game Products (Contract)

Staff Software Engineer - Player Platform, Game Agnostic Platform Services

Software Engineer - Player Platform, Riot SDK

Senior Corporate Development Manager

Administrative Assistant

Principal Insights Analyst - League of Legends

Business Development and Partnerships Manager III - Esports: North America

Business Strategist II - Worldwide Publishing

Software Engineer - Information Technology

Senior Manager, Strategic Finance

Organised Play Manager, DACH & Eastern Europe

Senior Security Operations Engineer

Publishing Coordinator, Vietnam, SEA (Contractor)

Influencer Manager, SEA (Contractor)

Development Manager III - Player Platform, Central Player Dynamics

Senior Recruiter - Worldwide Publishing

Content Operations Coordinator, SEA (Contractor)

Esports Broadcast Producer

Senior Brand Manager

Senior Software Engineer - League, Game Flow Services

Program Manager II

Product Lead - VALORANT Esports, SEA


QA Engineer II - League, Content Efficiency

Product Lead, LoL Europe & MENA

Staff Software Engineer (Backend Tech Lead) - Wild Rift, Tech Vertical

Senior UX Designer - Player Platform, Web Experiences

Senior Software Engineer (Front-End) - Teamfight Tactics

D&I Project Manager

Audio Lead - League of Legends

League Business Operations (LCK)

League Operations Specialist (LCK)

Senior Manager, Org Transformation

Staff Software Engineer - League, Content Efficiency

Workplace Experience Operations Manager

Art Outsource Manager

Localization Operations Manager

Security Engineer II - Information Security - Product Security

Senior Animation Artist - Unpublished R&D Product

Concept Art Lead - VALORANT

Software Engineer III, PXM (Unity/C#) - Legends of Runeterra

Senior Technical Artist, Generalist - VALORANT

Senior Software Engineer - Riot Developer Experience, Edge

Technical Artist II, Rigging - VALORANT

Technical Producer III - Data, Riot Data Products

Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay - Unpublished R&D Product

Game Designer III - LoR

Staff Software Engineer - Player Platform, Console Experiences

Senior Software Engineer - Player Platform, Console Experiences

Network Engineer - Technology - Riot Direct Network

Live Operations Producer III: Live Operations

Senior Manager of Strategic Sourcing (Technology)

Senior Program Manager, D&I

Staff Software Engineer - Teamfight Tactics

Senior Director, Riot Games Operations


Accountant II - Esports

Associate Art Director - Unpublished R&D Product

Senior Animation Artist - Unpublished R&D Product

Manager, Visual Design Art - Player Platform

Senior Recruiter - Game Products (Contract)

Senior VFX Artist - VALORANT

Senior Manager, Technical Product Management - Core Infrastructure

Staff Software Engineer - Developer Connections

Staff QA Engineer (24-Month Contract) - Java Products

Manager, Software Engineering - Developer Connections

Product Manager II - World Wide Publishing, Player Support Tools

Game Designer II - Teamfight Tactics

Brand Manager II

Software Engineer III, Services - Legends of Runeterra

Game Designer II, Progression - VALORANT

Manager, Game Design, Characters - VALORANT

Consumer Products Licensing Lead, SEA

Manager, Player Support - Knowledge Management

Senior Director, Production Department

Revenue Strategist II - League of Legends (Gaming Monetization)

Staff Software Engineer

Motion Graphic Artist - Legends of Runeterra

Senior Game Producer - Wild Rift, Content Acquisition (WR50)

Senior Software Engineer - Player Platform, Riot SDK

Manager, User Experience Design - VALORANT

Game Designer III, Modes - VALORANT

Art Lead - League of Legends

Researcher II, North America

Insights Analyst III, North America

Visual Design Artist II - VALORANT

Staff Software Engineer, Distributed Systems - Unpublished R&D Product

Revenue Strategist III - League of Legends, Personalization Content

Senior Software Engineer, Graphics - VALORANT

VP, Corporate Strategy

Game Designer II, Characters - VALORANT

Systems Engineer (Game Operations) - Wild Rift, TechOps

Senior Systems Engineer - Wild Rift, TechOps

Game Producer II - Wild Rift, Tech Vertical

Manager, Software Engineering - VALORANT

Revenue Strategist III - Project L

Game Designer III, Metasystems - R&D

Senior Software Engineer (Unity) - Legends of Runeterra

Development Manager II, China Games Team

Director, HR Business Partner

Senior IT Manager

Senior Software Engineer - Core Infrastructure Team

3D Weapon Art Intern - VALORANT

Esports League Management Intern

Character Concept Art Intern - League of Legends

Audio Design Intern - League of Legends

Weapon Concept Art Intern - VALORANT

Animation Intern - League of Legends

Illustration Intern

Technical Art Intern - Tools and Pipeline - League of Legends

Strategic Advisory Intern (MBA) - Central Technology

3D Character Art Intern

Product Manager Intern (MBA) - China Team

Technical Art Intern - Rigging - League of Legends

VFX Intern

Visual Design Intern

Narrative Writer Intern - League of Legends

Software Engineer (Backend)

Brand Manager, Wild Rift

Release Manager II - Riot Forge

Software Engineer II - API Gateway

Senior Software Engineer - Riot Developer Experience, Operability

Staff Data Scientist - League Data Central, Gameplay

Associate Brand Manager

Revenue Strategist

Manager, Software Engineering - League, Client

Consumer Products Lead, Korea

Senior Revenue Strategist

Corporate Development Manager

Legal Counsel, China

HR Business Partner

Senior Publishing Producer - Riot Forge

Manager, Software Engineering - Unpublished R&D Product

Staff Software Engineer - Teamfight Tactics

Senior Manager, Software Engineering - Infrastructure Platform

Technical Artist - Unpublished Fighting Game

Manager, Software Engineering - Live Services

Software Engineer III - Developer Connections

Software Engineer - Live Operations Tools

Development Manager III - Live Services

Senior Software Engineer - Esports

Art Lead, China – IP & Creative

Data Engineer - Information Security

Analyst, Strategic Advisory

Software Engineering Manager - League of Legends

Illustration Lead - League of Legends

3D Art Lead - League of Legends

Technical Art Director - VALORANT

Senior VFX Artist - Unpublished Fighting Game

Technical Delivery Manager (TTCG)

Brand Manager