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Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. is an American video game developer based in Irvine, California. It was founded in June 2003, shortly before the closure of Black Isle Studios, by ex-Black Isle employees Feargus Urquhart, Chris Avellone, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan, and Chris Jones.

Although they have created original intellectual property, many of their games are sequels based on licensed properties. Early projects include Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights 2, both sequels to BioWare-developed games. The team then developed their first original game, Alpha Protocol, in 2010. Other notable works from Obsidian include Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III, and South Park: The Stick of Truth, all also licensed properties.

29 Open Positions

Character Artist

UI Programmer

Senior Technical Artist

Senior Character Animator

Combat Designer

Lead Sound Designer

Community Manager - Summer Intern

2D Art/Concept - Summer Intern

QA Analyst - Summer Intern

Tools Support Engineer

Gameplay Programmer

Tools Programmer

Senior Animation Programmer

Narrative Designer

Content Design - Summer Intern

2D Animator

Development Operations Specialist

Graphics Programmer

Concept Art - Summer Intern

Environment Art - Summer Intern

Audio Design - Summer Intern

Area Design - Summer Intern

Sound Designer

Build Engineer

Area Designer

Concept Artist

Programming - Summer Intern

Engine Programmer

Combat Systems Designer