About NaturalMotion

At NaturalMotion we make games that wow people. We take pride in making titles that reach a large audience and in creating communities that last. Founded in 2001, we released our first title Backbreaker Football for the iPhone in 2009, a series of further titles followed such as NFL Rivals, My Horse, and the number one grossing & award-winning game, CSR Racing in 2012. We joined the Zynga family in 2014. In both 2018 & 2019, NaturalMotion were listed as one of the Best Places To Work in the UK video games industry, at the Awards.

43 Open Positions

Principal Audio Programmer

Director of Product

Senior Marketing Artist

Senior UI Artist

Senior Marketing Artist

Co -Development Producer

Principal Games Engineer - Racing

Engineering Intern - Undergraduate

Server Engineering Intern - Undergraduate

Product Marketing Intern - Undergraduate

Rotational Product Manager - ZXP Graduate Program

Product Manager Intern - Undergraduate

Engineering Intern - Undergraduate

Design Intern - Undergraduate

Production Intern - Undergraduate

Production Intern - Undergraduate

Lead UX Engineer (client) - Star Wars IP

Co-Dev Architecture Lead Engineer (client) - Star Wars IP

Test Lead - Racing

Outsource Manager – Art Content

Senior Technical Artist

Senior Character Artist


Senior Server Engineer - Star Wars IP

Server Engineer - Star Wars IP

QA Engineer

Concept Artist - Star Wars IP

Associate Art Outsource Manager

Senior Gameplay and UX Engineer - Star Wars IP

Senior Game UI Engineer - StarWars

Senior Quality Engineer

Lead Product Manager - Star Wars IP

Senior Game Designer (Economy)

Senior Product Manager

3D Animator

Senior Game Data Analyst

Technical QA Lead/SDET

Senior Games Engineer - Racing

Senior Manager, Social Media

Senior Director of Engineering - Star Wars IP

Senior Graphics Engineer

Principal / Lead QA - Star Wars IP

QA Engineer