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Guerrilla is one of Europe's leading game development companies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. We started in 2000, and have pushed the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence in our games ever since. Today, we employ more than 270 professionals from 25 different nationalities. Our studio is located in the cultural and historical center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands — a great place to work and play.

Guerrilla was founded in 2000 as the result of a merger between three smaller Dutch studios, and acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment after the release of KILLZONE in 2004. In the decade that followed, Guerrilla expanded KILLZONE into a full-fledged franchise with three sequels (KILLZONE 2, KILLZONE 3 and KILLZONE SHADOW FALL) and two handheld spin-offs (KILLZONE: LIBERATION and KILLZONE: MERCENARY). In 2016, the company launched RIGS MECHANIZED COMBAT LEAGUE, a competitive arena-based sports shooter developed from the ground up for VR. Its most recent title, released in 2017, is the critically and popularly acclaimed open world action-RPG HORIZON ZERO DAWN & its expansion; THE FROZEN WILDS.

27 Open Positions

Community Manager

Senior Infrastructure Programmer

Lead IT Support

Junior Windows Administrator

Senior World Designer

Co-Dev Producer

Senior Combat Designer

Senior Technical Cinematic Animator

Technical Cinematic Animator

QA Analyst

Technical QA Analyst

Principal Producer

Senior Cinematic Animator

Senior Game Writer

Senior Vegetation Artist

Senior Character Animator (Humanoids)

Open Application

Senior Producer

Senior Art Producer

Senior Animator for Living World

Game Programmer

Senior Character Rigger

Senior Asset Artist

Technical Animator

Senior Tools Programmer

Senior Game Programmer

Principal Animator for Living World