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About Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios is a leading free-to-play, online games development company active on web and mobile platforms. We self-publish our games in-house and have all relevant professions under one roof: Game Development, Quality Assurance, Community Management and Customer Support to Business Development, Marketing, Analytics and Central IT services. These departments work hand in hand to provide quality gaming experiences to over 375 million registered users worldwide.
With a rich pool of talented employees from more than 40 nations, we are among the largest German employers in the gaming software industry.

20 Open Positions

(Junior) QA Technician (all genders)

QA Technician (all genders)

User Acquisition Manager (all genders)

Product Manager (all genders)

(Junior) Controller (all genders)

(Junior) Game Systems Designer / Balancer (all genders)

Java Developer (all genders)

Data Warehouse Engineer (all genders)

Software Developer (all genders)

Ad Monetization Manager - Games (all genders)

Unity Lead Engineer (all genders)

Game Designer (all genders)

Speculative Application

(Junior) Business & Revenue Controller (all genders)

(Junior) Vertriebscontroller (all genders)

Game Systems Designer: Live Games (all genders)

Game Systems Designer: Live Games (all genders)

Sales Manager: Virtual Goods (all genders)

E-Commerce Manager: Virtual Goods (all genders)

Director - Production Management (all genders)