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Force Field Entertainment

About Force Field Entertainment

Force Field is one of the world’s largest high-end VR and AR development studios, creating award-winning games and experiences for a wide variety of XR platforms.

At Force Field, our definition of interactive VR and AR entertainment is quite broad: from high-end core games like Landfall to emotional experience pieces like Anne Frank House VR, our company has produced a diverse line-up of products for industry-leading companies.

Still, all our titles always have three things in common: high-quality artistic production values, solid technology, and, most importantly, in each project an element of something that has never been done before – artistically, technically, or creatively. That “world’s first” element is part of the DNA of the company.

Operating as a pioneer on the Virtual Reality world stage is the core essence of what drives us at Force Field. It also directly harks back to our roots. Force Field was founded by veterans who have been part of the interactive entertainment industry for over 25 years, always at the forefront of new technology, seeing hardware innovations come and go, and understanding and embracing truly game-changing technology when they see it.

Convinced that VR and AR would play a disruptive role in the future of interactive entertainment, they decided to create a specialized studio focused on world-class XR software, with the goal to help shape the world of this exciting new medium.