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Founded in 1988 as an independent producer and publisher, we became part of Ubisoft as a German development studio in 2001. In 2014, we incorporated our long-term partner studio, Related Designs in Mainz, into our corporate structure as our second site. With the opening of Ubisoft Berlin in 2018, we have received a third member in our Ubisoft Blue Byte studio network, which concentrates on the co-development of big Ubisoft brands such as the Far Cry series.

More than 400 talented and motivated employees in Düsseldorf, Mainz and Berlin create thrilling game experiences every day and are inspired by the direct contact with the players. Fun at work and a fabulous working environment are the two central pillars on which Ubisoft Blue Byte is founded.

72 Open Positions

Junior VFX Artist [Far Cry Brand]

(Intermediate/Senior) Generalist Programmer [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Foley Art Intern (f/m/d)

Audio Tester Intern (f/m/d)

Recruiter (f/m/d)

Audio Director (f/m/d)

Accounts Payable Accountant (f/m/d)

Audio Programmer (f/m/d)

Mission Designer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Information & Documentation Manager - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Technical Writer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Full-Stack Web Developer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Junior Project Coordinator [Avatar Project] (f/m/d)

Project Assistant [Avatar Project] (f/m/d)

HR Administrator (f/m/d)

Senior Level Designer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Information Security Specialist (f/m/d)

Senior Level Artist [Avatar] (f/m/d)

Senior Lead Programmer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Director Finance & Procurement (f/m/d)

Level Artist - [Avatar] (f/m/d)

Junior Local IT Technician (f/m/d)

Junior IT Administrator / Local IT Technician (f/m/d)

UI Artist [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Audio Designer (f/m/d)

Senior Service Programmer (Java) - UbiServices (f/m/d)

Quality Engineer [UplayPC] (f/m/d)

Senior Concept Artist [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Senior Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Game Designer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Local IT Country Manager (f/m/d)

Specialist Financial Planning & Analysis (m/w/d)

Senior Lead Artist [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Animation Programmer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

3D Programmer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Senior Game Designer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Senior Generalist Programmer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Generalist Programmer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Lead Audio Designer (f/m/d)

Associate Lead Programmer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Level Designer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

3D Level Artist [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

(Intermediate/Senior) Backend Programmer [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Lead Level Designer - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Mission Scripter - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Junior C++ Application Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

C++ Application Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Windows C++ Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Information & Documentation Manager [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Senior Level Designer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

Senior 3D Programmer [Beyond Good and Evil 2] (f/m/d)

UI Engineer [Rainbow Six Siege] (f/m/d)

UI Designer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Senior Technical Artist - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Level Designer (Scripter) - VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Middleware Programmer [Ubisoft Technology Group] (f/m/d)

Development Tester - VR [Unannounced Project]

C++ UI/UX Programmer [Rainbow Six Siege] (f/m/d)

Speculative Application: Programming [Rainbow Six Siege] (f/m/d)

C++ Backend Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Lead Game Designer [Anno] (f/m/d)

Producer [Anno] (f/m/d)

Senior Programmer (C#) – VR [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

C++ Programmer [Uplay PC] (f/m/d)

Game Security Programmer (f/m/d)

HR Business Partner (f/m/d)

Lead Programmer [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Senior UI Artist [Unannounced Project] (f/m/d)

Senior Game Designer - VR (f/m/d)

Realization Director [Far Cry Brand] (f/m/d)

Speculative Application Programming - Berlin (f/m/d)