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Blizzard Entertainment is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. After establishing the Blizzard Entertainment label in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games. By focusing on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences, Blizzard Entertainment has maintained an unparalleled reputation for quality since its inception.

224 Open Positions

Associate QA Project Lead (Requirements Team)

Localization Producer – Diablo Immortal

Applications Programmer, Junior

Technical Sourcer (Remote)

Manager, Employee Relations

Director, Licensing

Game Designer, Live/Balance

Creative Services Producer (Temp)

Character Technical Artist, Skinning - Overwatch 2

Previz Artist, Cinematics - Temp

Senior Cloud Systems Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer, Hearthstone

Senior Software Engineer, Server

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Unannounced Project

Recruiter, Games (Temp)

Test Lead, B&OP - Applications

Site Reliability Engineer, Classic Games

Art Training Specialist

UI Designer - Diablo IV

Open World Designer

Environment Artist, Props - Overwatch 2

Software Engineer, Data

Lead Character Artist

Dungeon Artist - Diablo IV

Department Producer, Cinematics

Concept Artist

Senior Software Engineer, Tools - World of Warcraft

Senior Game Producer

Senior Systems Engineer, Backup and Recovery

Lead Content Designer

Test Analyst

Business Analyst

Test Lead

Senior Technical Product Manager, Risk & Fraud

Senior Game Producer

Director, Global Growth Marketing Analytics

Lead Data Scientist

Senior Software Engineer, (Angular), Service Tech

Sound Designer - Overwatch 2

Senior Paid Social Specialist

Environment Artist, Dungeon and Architecture

Senior Game Producer - Overwatch 2

Pipeline TD, Animation & Rigging, Cinematics

Senior eSports Producer

Mid/Senior Game Producer - Diablo IV

Mid-Senior UI/UX Designer, Overwatch

Combat Designer, World of Warcraft

Senior Character Technical Artist - Overwatch 2

Environment Artist

Props and Interative Arrtist

Senior Producer

Test Lead, Diablo Immortal

Software Engineer, Tools - Diablo IV

Mid/Senior 3D Artist (Generalist), Unannounced Project

Senior Technical Artist, In-Game Cinematics

Senior/Lead Lighting Artist, Unannounced Project

Software Engineer, Application Security

Senior Test Analyst, World of Warcraft

Senior Test Analyst, B&OP - Platform

Senior Product Manager, Catalog

Associate Project Producer, Cinematics - Temp

Lead Software Development Engineer in Test, B&OP, Ecommerce

Software Engineer, Gameplay

Software Engineer, Reliability

Lead Game Producer, Technology - Overwatch 2

Senior Software Engineer, Tools (Asset Pipeline) - Shared Game Engine

Software Engineer, Server

UX/UI Design Intern

Production Leader

Lead Site Reliability Engineer, World of Warcraft

Senior Environment Artist - Diablo IV

Senior Software Engineer (Java), Users and Products

VFX Outsource Supervisor - Diablo IV

Senior Technical Manager, Database Engineering

Content Writer Internship

Principal Game Designer, Hearthstone

Senior Manager, Public Relations - Diablo

Global Digital Marketing Manager, Diablo Franchise

Digital Marketing Manager, Blizzard (Temp)

Software Engineer, Automation - Diablo IV

Product Manager Internship

Site Reliability Engineering Internship

Talent Sourcer (temporary)

MBA Summer Associate, Business & Gameplay Insights

Art & Animation Internship

Security Engineering Internship

Platform Manager, Activision Blizzard Esports

Software Engineering Internship

Game Development Engineering Internship

Data Science Internship

Game Design Internship

Technical Artist - World of Warcraft

Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Manager, Human Resources (Temp)

Chief of Staff to the EVP

Character Artist – World of Warcraft

Senior Character Artist - Diablo IV

VFX Artist - Diablo IV

Narrative Designer

Senior Quest Designer, Diablo Immortal

Senior Game Designer

Senior Stats Producer, Broadcast

Test Manager, B&OP - Applications

Associate Localization Producer, In-Game Content

Surfacing Artist, Cinematics - Temp

Senior Manager/Director, Marketing, Call of Duty League

Engine (Data Pipeline) Engineer - Overwatch 2

Gameplay AI Engineer - Overwatch 2

Senior Gameplay AI Engineer - Overwatch 2

Senior Engine (Data Pipeline) Engineer - Overwatch 2

Senior UX Designer

Lead Mission Designer, Overwatch

Senior Server Engineer

Production Show Technician, In-Game Cinematics - Temp

Senior VFX Artist, Unannounced Project

Cinematic Designer, In-Game Cinematics – Temp

Game Designer, Mission Design - Overwatch

Senior Tools Engineer

Senior Game Designer, Mission Design - Overwatch

Rigging Artist, In-Game Cinematics - Temp

Lead Software Engineer, Graphics - Diablo IV

Software Engineer, Tools - World of Warcraft

Animation Editor - Temp

Senior Software Engineer, WoW Classic - World of Warcraft

Software Engineer, WoW Classic

Senior Game Producer, External Development

Senior Sound Designer - Diablo Immortal

Senior Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Gameplay UI

Lead Quest Designer - Diablo IV

Technical Artist, Unannounced Project

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Senior UX Designer

Quest Designer

Outsource Supervisor, Dungeon and Architecture

Cloud Engineer (1 year contractor)

Lead Engineer

Senior System Designer

Senior Software Engineer, DevOps

Senior Concept Artist, Unannounced Project

Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay

Mid/Senior UI Artist, Unannounced Project

Software Quality Engineer

Vice President, Global Quality Assurance

Senior Product Manager, Data and Integration Services

Senior Quest Designer

Software Engineer, User Interface

Senior UI Artist

Concept Artist

Art Manager

Rigging and Simulation Artist - Temp

Associate Director/Director, Business Performance – Unannounced Project

Director/Senior Director, Business Performance – Diablo

Software Engineer, Reliability

Unity Devleoper

Narrative Designer (Temp) - Diablo IV

Narrative Designer - Diablo IV

Production Director

Senior Technical Artist, Pipeline

Software Engineer, Gameplay

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Art Director

Senior Level Designer, World of Warcraft

Associate Producer, In-Game Cinematics - Temp

Senior Encounter Designer - Diablo IV

Director, Business Operations

Senior Animator – World of Warcraft

Brand Manager

Build Engineer - Overwatch 2

Storyboard Artist - Temp

Creative Director, Blizzard Video

Art Director, Unannounced Project

Engine Systems Engineer - Overwatch 2

Software Engineer, Server - Hearthstone

Associate Software Engineer, Graphics, Diablo IV (New Grad)

Senior Software Engineer, Tools

Cinematic Generalist Technical Directror

Senior Software Engineer, Server - Hearthstone

UI Designer

Senior Software Engineer, Server - Shared Game Engine

Senior Technical Artist, Characters

Senior Software Engineer, Tools

FX Artist – World of Warcraft

Global Digital Marketing Manager - Hearthstone

Associate Software Engineer, Data Platform

Software Engineer, Tools

Character Artist - Diablo IV

Environment Artist - Diablo IV

Senior Software Engineer, Reliability

Senior Software Engineer, Data Platform

Senior UI Designer

Quest Designer, World of Warcraft

Senior Product Manager, Mobile - Unannounced Project

Senior VFX Artist

VFX Artist

Senior Game Designer, World of Warcraft

Software Engineer (C++) - Game Services

Associate Dungeon Designer - Diablo IV

Lighting Artist - Diablo IV

Character Concept Artist – Overwatch 2

Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay - Shared Game Engine

Senior Tools Engineer - Overwatch 2

Site Reliability Engineer

Visual Development Artist

Senior Outsource Supervisor, Characters - Overwatch 2

Assoc/Mid Quest Designer - Diablo IV

Lead Software Engineer, Tools - Shared Game Engine

Character Artist - Overwatch 2

Senior Technical Artist - Shared Game Engine

Senior Software Engineer, (GCP) Data Platform

Senior Visual Development Artist, Environments – World of Warcraft

Senior Software Engineer (C++) - Game Services

Tools Engineer - Overwatch 2

Senior Graphics Engineer - Overwatch 2

Animator - Temp

Character Technical Artist, Skinning – World of Warcraft

Senior Product Manager, Diablo Immortal

Senior Program Manager, Corporate IT

Associate UI Designer

Senior Software Engineer, Client

Lead Lighting Artist - Diablo IV

Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay

Senior VFX Artist - Diablo IV

Motion Graphics Artist, Blizzard Video - Temp