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About Behavior Interactive

Founded in 1992, Montreal-based Behaviour Interactive is one of North America’s largest independent game developers with close to 600 employees and over 70 million games sold on every platform. To date, our mobile games have reached over 200 million players worldwide. In 2019, our most successful IP, the award-winning Dead by Daylight, celebrated 12 million players.

Our successful development history spans more than 25 years, with multiple partnerships alongside the entertainment industries’ finest brand owners, and creators.

70 Open Positions

Programmeur Unity - C#

Community Coordinator (6 month contract) - Dead by Daylight Mobile

Coordonnateur de communauté (contrat de 6 mois) - Dead by Daylight Mobile

Graphics Programmer

Backend Programmer

VFX Artist - Dead by Daylight

Artiste VFX - Dead by Daylight

Artiste VFX

Animateur 3D Sénior - Dead by Daylight

Backend QA Automation Specialist

Spécialiste de l'automatisation des systèmes Backend de l'AQ

Data Scientist

Senior 3D Animator - Dead by Daylight

Art Director - Unannounced Project

Artiste de texture/shader sénior

Senior Shader/Texture Artist- Dead by Daylight

Directeur Artistique - Projet non-annoncé

Product Manager - F2P Mobile

Gestionnaire de Produit - F2P Mobile

Technical Artist - Dead by Daylight Mobile

Artiste Technique - Dead by Daylight Mobile

Programmer (Unity - C#)

Senior Product Manager - Unannounced Project

Game Programmer - C++

Programming Team Lead

Programmeur de jeu - C++

Engine Programmer - UE4

C++ Programmer - Unreal Engine

Programmeur Graphique

Graphics Programmer

System Programmer

QA Technical Director

Technical Director - Unannounced project

System Programmer

Directeur Technique - Projet non annoncé

Programmeur Système

Project Manager - Business Solutions

Développeur de logiciel - Système de compilation

DevOps - Dead by Daylight

Artiste de niveau senior - Dead by Daylight

Senior Level Artist - Dead by Daylight

System Programmer - Emerging platforms

VFX Artist

Artiste conceptuel - Dead by Daylight

DevOps / LiveOps - Dead by Daylight

Concept Artist - Dead by Daylight

Software Developer - Build Automation

Associate Producer

Producteur associé

Technical UI Designer - Dead by Daylight

Gestionnaire de produit - Projet non annoncé

Product Manager - Unannounced Project

Concepteur UI Technique - Dead by Daylight

3D Artist

Artiste 3D

Senior System Programmer

Gestionnaire de produit sénior - Projet non annoncé

Development Tester - Quality Assurance

Directeur - Gestion des communautés et du support client

Testeur de développement - Assurance qualité

Community and Customer Support Director

Programmeur Système Senior

Concepteur d'éclairage

Lighting Artist

Live QA Tester

Tester Assurance Qualité Live

Concept Artist

Artiste conceptuel

Creative Director (Exploratory)

Directeur Créatif (Exploratoire)