About Beenox

To say that our studio had modest beginnings would be putting it mildly. At the far end of Mail St-Roch, a handful of developers set out on what would be the greatest adventure of their lives. They took risks, faced huge obstacles, and carved out a space for themselves within the Activision family.

Our vision? To succeed together. Here everyone brings their own unique touch to projects that showcase their talent on a global stage. The best in the field come together to create games that leave their mark in an industry known for fierce competition. Because before we can perform well on our own, we have to move forward together.

A team, yes, but not just any team. Working at Beenox, we feel as if we’re part of a group of like-minded people who are great to work with. You could say that video games are in our blood. It feels like a family, a tremendously talented family that, through the strength of the team, moves mountains and wins prestigious awards.

25 Open Positions

Concepteur(trice) systèmes de jeu (Call of Duty) / System Designer (Call of Duty)

Technicien(enne) de soutien / Support Technician

Programmeur(euse) d'engin/Engine Programmer

Animateur(trice) Technique Senior (Rigger)/Technical Animator Senior - Banque de candidatures

Spécialiste en automatisation (DevOps) / Automation Specialist (DevOps)

Artiste d'environnement/Environment Artist

Technicien(enne) TI / IT Technician

Animateur 3D/3D Animator - Banque de candidatures

Chef d'équipe artiste d'éclairage/Lead Lighting Artist

Artiste aux effets spéciaux/FX Artist - Banque de candidatures

Programmeur(euse)/Programmer - Banque de candidatures

Sourceur(euse) art & animation / Creative Talent Sourcer

Sourceur(euse) TI / Technical Talent Sourcer

Scripteur(trice)/Scripter - Banque de candidatures

Animateur 3D Sénior /3D Senior Animator - Banque de candidatures

Artiste 3D/3D Artist

Concepteur(trice) UI/UI Designer

Artiste de concept/Concept Artist - Banque de candidatures

Artiste d'éclairage/Lighting Artist - Banque de candidatures

Producteur(trice) Associé(e) / Associate Producer - Banque de candidatures

Animateur(trice) technique (Rigger)/Technical Animator

Testeur de développement/Development Tester - Banque de candidatures

Artiste de personnage/Character Artist - Banque de candidatures

Concepteur(trice) UX/UX Designer

Programmeur(euse) UI/UI Programmer