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Avalanche Studios is an independent AAA developer dedicated to creating huge open worlds, full of explosive, emergent gameplay. You probably know us as the creator of the Just Cause franchise, with Just Cause 3 being our most recent title. We're also the developer of Mad Max, which was released in September of 2015. We created the critically acclaimed XBLA/PSN twin stick shooter Renegade Ops, we manage more than 6 million players in the online world of theHunter, and are currently hard at work on several future projects. Here’s a look into our world.

81 Open Positions

System Programmer Avalanche Studios

Internship application Future Games 2020

Tools Programmer

Technical Director

Level Designer

Recruitment Coordinator Intern

Environment Artist

Audio Designer

Product Owner Systemic Reaction

Editorial Lead

Data Analyst

Lead Community Manager


Lead Producer Live Ops

Finance Manager

Senior Live Producer - Second Extinction

Lead Designer

Junior Gameplay Programmer

Producer - Central Tech

Lead QA Engineer

UX Designer

Senior System Administrator - Stockholm

Technical Art Director

Lead Producer Avalanche Studios

User Research Coordinator

Concept Artist (6 month contract)

System Administrator - Stockholm

Technical Artist

VFX Artist

Gameplay Animation Programmer

Lead Designer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

Lead Artist - Call of the Wild - Malmö

Licensing Manager

Technical QA Engineer

Lead Gameplay Programmer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

UI Programmer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

System Programmer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

Graphics Programmer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

Producer - Call of the Wild - Malmö

Senior Character Artist Avalanche Studios

Character Mechanics Programmer Avalanche Studios

Lead Artist

Concept Artist

Gameplay Programmer - NYC

System Programmer NYC

Level Designer

Live Producer Second Extinction

Managing Director Avalanche Studios

Technical Artist

Physics Programmer

Outsource Manager

Open Application Stockholm

Open Application New York

Open Application Liverpool

Open Application Malmö

Audio Designer


Physics Programmer

UI Programmer

Character Artist

Sound Programmer

Technical Animator

Vegetation Artist

Senior Animator

Lead UX Designer

Graphics Programmer

Product Owner Expansive Worlds

AI Programmer (Automized Test)

Gameplay Animator

Business Analyst

UI Programmer

System Developer

Gameplay Programmer Expansive Worlds

Senior Engine Programmer

System Programmer theHunter: Call of the Wild

Sound Programmer

Gameplay Programmer theHunter: Call of the Wild

Network/Multiplayer Programmer

Senior Technical Artist

Xbox Specialist/Systems Programmer

Character Artist theHunter: Call of the Wild